Impatient Ears


    Her words had no meaning once they left her lips and fell on impatient ears. No word seemed to be worthy for them to hear. She broke her tongue with a higher voice as destructive words grasped for their attention. The ears did not listen to nothing but the constant tapping of the crack their fingertips were tapping into the desk. 
    Filled up, her mind burst. The words stopped and with them the whole world died. The forest fell silent, birds swallowed their song choking on the words she was about to say.  
    The ears grew, fat and big desperate to hear even the slightest sound. 
    Now she spoke, her lips and tongue dancing words came out silent as if she was saying them to herself. After her last word that faded between the trees she turned on her heels floating without a sound, without a goodbye. The ears called her name, desperate to here one more word, but there were no more words, no more sounds. The whole world was silent - she promised them silence until they bleed out.

    Prompt by: realisticallyoptimistic