My bitches call me [x] Jamie. 20 and impatiently awaiting the long desired 21 this November. Undergraduate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County pursuing a major in Biology (ugh.) and a minor in Women's Studies (fuck men!).
A true Scorpio with a strong emphasis on the all-or-nothing principle. You could say I'm the commitment type since I like stability; however, I'm beginning to enjoy knowing what Single actually means. Many flaws - and am currently on the long, arduous path to find beauty and perfection in my imperfections. I'm a little crazy, though.
I like the smell of freshly copied paper, pencils (Ticonderoga and Mirado only, of course) and I smush my sandwich flat before I eat it. Yeah, I'm quirky like that. Too much of a bitch to care; content with the people in my life already. No New Friends, please.



Staff Note: So… human. Darling.


Can I breathe in the stars, just to make myself shine?
Should I grow my own grapes, to drink my own wine?
If I build my own bridges, will my path be forever clear?
If I whisper into the wind, will I find you draw nearer?
I can remember every story that you’ve told,
And yet, it’s still not my heart, that you want to hold. 
If I promise, forever and a day
Will my undying love, be enough to make you stay? 

(Source: writtenonmyribcage, via edgeandvoidlit)